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Blogger Tutorial: Force All External Links To Open In New Tab

 As we discussed in our Advance Practical SEO Course, It is a good practice to force external links in a new tab

instead of the current window to keep the user engaged and increase retention time which ultimately decreases

your bounce rate. Giving a Boost to your ranking

1. Login to Blogger.com

2. Click Dashboard at the upper right side

3. Click on design just below the name of your blog

4. Click Edit HTML just beside the page elements at the top left-hand side

5. Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to nd <head>

6. add a single line <base target=’_blank’ /> immediately after head tag


<base target=’_blank’ />

Now, all links will be opening in a new tab.

Instead of Forcing all external Links to Open in New Tab, You can select an individual link to open in a new tab by

following only below points

Hover over Link text in edit mode of a post by Putting Your Cursor on the text of your link

You will see a small popup Menu ” your site – change – remove “

Click Change

Check the box Open this link in the new window

Happy Blogging

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