My AVN Story and its Diagnostic


How I Get to Know About My Disease AVN

How I Got to Know About AVN

I was in night shift , my profession was of supervision role in weld shop requiring frequent walk to shop floor and taking to people etc. My legs and lower back became stiff. It took me lot of efforts to even lift my legs , walking became very difficult and painful for me. i was walking very slow and taking baby steps. Even rest of colleague suggested me to visit doc as soon as possible.

I got myself checked doctor took this as regular muscle pull or slip disc case and gave me medicine accordingly. I voluntarily went to Physiotherapist for muscle training , exercise ,relaxing etc. 

Physiotherapist made me to do certain movements and advised me certain exercise. While doing those exercise i started feeling pain . He got doubtful . He made me to certain movements and discussed about my problem and areas where i was feeling pain. He advised me to visit orthopedic doctor again and told me to discuss about hip joint too. You (me) might be something in Hip joint too.

As advised by Physiotherapist advise ,Doctor got me X-ray of my hip joint on my assistance. He checked the X-ray and said there is a problem in AVN their are chances that i am suffering from Avascular Necrosis (AVN), but to confirm that and to check level of progression Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) need to be done.

I got myself MRI which specified both AVN stage, Progression. it was bilateral which mean i had AVN in both joints.

Feelings and Depression

I felt highly depressed and life is not justified to me.  I had the fear that rest of my life will be dependent upon others for even basic tasks like going fro washroom , bath etc. Physical Pain was so much that i had a difficulty in even moving my legs. Slowly pain was growing from hip joint to knees , Ankles and Lower back too. Taking 4 - 5 pain killer per day was not enough to suppress the pain. Having surgery seemed like only option at that time. I was very frustrated and upset as surgery need to be done both side and to be done after every 15 year . I was 34 years old surgery  and fear that it need to be done repeatedly as life of artificial joint depends upon your lifestyle and strength of your bones.


When i got myself checked ,Doctor advised me to go for X ray . When clarifies shape and some dark spots which indicates loss of blood supply or damage to bone. This ensured doc i am suffering from AVN but to reconfirm the stage and amount of Damage . Doctor advised me for MRI . MRI report specified mine stage as Stage Three C. Later come to know that clinical stage and stage mentioned in MRI report are different and to keep a watch on progress and improvement in joint MRI is done but is not recommended to be done frequently. to see some significant changes MRI is done only after 7 - 8 months and early if going for Surgery or facing acute pain.

Treatment Taken

Effectiveness of Treatment


Daily Diet and Routine for AVN

Earlier i was taking every possible thing i wish to have. Later after watching certain YouTube (YT) videos of Ojas Lifestyle  and taking to random people from Facebook i started dry fasting and Raw Diet. Doctor and those random people advised me to lose weight but i was restricted from Exercise which give any kind of stress in lower body or which involves any kind of jerk like lifting weight , jumping etc. Best option left was of diet control.

Raw Diet in AVN means taking Green juice and Raw things like Fruits , Salad.
I was prohibited from taking anything that induces Gas, constipation or is difficult to digest  that included 

Dairy product ( Milk, Butter, Cheese etc.) in both Veg and Non veg like fish ,chicken, Eggs ,mutton etc.

Cereals ( Lentils (Dal), Grains (Anaaj) etc. )

All kind of frozen and processed food

All kind medicine

Food, drinks which include preservatives or Artificial sweetener etc.

Food having Salt or Sugar

i was made to do air fasting means no water, no drinks and no food of any type. 
Longest air fasting i did continuously was of 48 hours . I was given instructions to do enima at least 3 session in day , Each session involves two back to  back enima each day specially while doing air fasting in AVN treatment. This helped me to bring out excess gas and acidity formed in body along with some to bring old excreta in intestines as per Naturopath

Science Behind Naturopath's AVN Treatment

Naturopath  had a theory most of our diseases which we suffered after our birth are originated due to wrong food we ate and old excreta or facet stuck or sticked to our intestine. Best was to remove that is by eating no food (fasting) and giving rest to our digestion system and ultimately intestine. Enima helped in taking that old facet out of our body by dissolving it or loosening it.
This old facet is responsible for all the pain we feel in our body most of the times.

Impact of AVN on My Profession

My Advice for AVN Patients 

There is no harm in trying Raw Diet and Enima. If it helps in AVN pain management or even extend certain more years to joint life. It is great and if it doesn't you still have an options for surgery. 

Start doing exercise which helped you for having more blood circulation and is not painful to you. i advise stretching and after some weeks try swimming and gym cycling

Take Early morning Sunlight if possible with minimum cloths.

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