Troubleshooting Powerpoint Guides not appearing issue


 Microsoft Powerpoint user often confuse smart guide with just Guides.

Guides simple helps you with two lines for reference while smart guide help you in aligning with other objects in slide both vertically and horizontally that too with multiple objects at a time.

Benefits of Smart Guides in Microsoft PowerPoint

Smart Guides can increase your productivity and helps  you take your presentation to next level.They appear as dotted line and shows when selected objects is perfectly aligned with another object or grid.

Another benefit of Smart Guide is while resizing the objects , Smart guide will appear to show you its dimensions, ensuring accurate sizing and positioning. This feature is very handy while resizing images and make your slide symmetric in structure.

If Smart Guides are not visible on your slide. You can turn Smart Guide on and display Smart Guide by following procedure:

1. Click View Tab

2. Tick Guides checkbox under show section

3. Click down arrow at corner and check object snapping box .

You can also use keyboard shortcut also CTRL+Alt +F9 to turn on an off the guides  

Power Tips for using Smart Guide while positioning objects 

Hold Shift key to restrict the movement of an object to horizontal or vertical direction only

Customize Smart Guide (for Advance user of Powerpoint)

To cutomize smart Guide according to your usage by setting:

1. Go to File Tab and select "Options"

2. Hover to Advanced ,scroll down to Smart Guide Section

3. Customize according to given options likeShow object Guides ,shape guides or marker guides. You can also change color ofGuides or adjust grid Spacing.

4. Click OK like champ once you are done

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