Qnet Refund Policy, Process, Scam – My Own Story


 How I Recovered Money From Qnet? 

So, I told my friend I want to quit this membership but he told me what happened bro? 
what happened bro? Everything alright. 

Trust me it is a genuine business and you are not doing anything wrong look at me. 
If it was not a genuine one I might not have included my ance and parents and brother-in-law into it. I have recovered my money and am earning handsomely from it. 
All negative thoughts start rotating in my head. I start getting depressed.
I was frightened that my money is going to be wasted.
I didn’t sleep that night I searched on the internet everything about Qnet starting from negative remarks, Qnet
refund procedure, Qnet refund policy, Qnet victims, etc. 
Cursing the moment that I trusted my friend, what he had said, and how things are. I felt very sorry for myself.
Suddenly, one thing came to my mind, my friend had told me two days back that I will get a confirmation call .

You need to give the information exactly as per proof you have submitted and requested to mention particular
email id which I hadn’t made nor I know about it. 
When asked why he created a different email id and not even took an effort to ask my personal email.
He answered he needed my email address immediately since there was less time to create the license else if late I
might have lost the opportunity. I calmed down. 
While I was checking my WhatsApp I found there were two new groups related to QNET in which I was a member
One where every local Qnet person was joined and met, my friend who introduced me and two more members
who claim to be his senior as well as a mentor. 
I was getting regular calls from my friend to come to a particular location for learning about Qnet and how it works. 
I am told him I can’t come on a regular basis since my exams are coming and I need time to study. 
I got a confirmation call, I did as per my friend’s instruction. I was quite suspicious of the email.so I dropped a

message in WhatsApp group (the second one) 
what is my email id password?  
answer received you don’t need it anyways we will arrange everything for you since you are a beginner and our
equal business partner.
I again asked for a password in a dierent way. 
if it is my email id I need to know the password else I might have to get it changed in their record. 
I got excuses. I being stubborn asked two more times. This time more angrily in quite a loud tone. 
no reply  
I got to call or SMS don’t remember exactly.

Mentioning a password. I checked the email immediately. 
to my utter surprise, there was the receipt of payment.
initially, I thought that might be fees for portal access login but after scanning I learned something is purchased, it
was one watch and a holiday package.
I received the watch in the next few days.on checking didn’t find it to be extraordinary since I was already a fan of
Chrono watch and very well used well-known branded watches I became more suspicious.
My grandpa’s health suddenly deteriorates and he needs to be rushed to a hospital.

Later on, we come to know his kidneys are not working he and need dialysis and the rest of the tests were going
on and the doctor told me there might be a chance of cancer also because of similar symptoms too.
I called my friend and told him I need my money back immediately because of urgency at home. Again he starts making
excuses what is the situation, I need to discuss with my senior, there are certain rules and procedures we need to
I said loudly I need it immediately, Got it.
He asked me to come to market parking I need to meet you. I again said in a much louder tone this time.

There is an emergency in-home I need money immediately either give it else I might have to take legal action. 
On this night I was searching for the Qnet refund process there I found one guy who claims it is not easy to get
money back from the Qnet
But there is a way which he knows and asked for the rest of the details like when I gave my friend money for the
what was the mode of payment? 
how much payment did I make? 
my name?  
what proofs I have given? 
how I know the person who introduced me etc. 
at the end of the conversation, he oered help if some fee is oered to him. 
I got conscious, I asked him about his mobile number which he refused and said he will disclose only after payment

so that he is not disturbed in his personal life and it takes energy, time, and resources to get the money back from
Qnet for which he is asking the fees. 
I got suspicious if he is willing to help then why he is not sharing mobile or landline numbers. 
What if he also tricked me? 
What if he asked for a share of the refunded amount? 
I ignored him without any second thought. 
I got a call from a friend, that he along with his senior want to meet me.
I have been trying to smart had put my phone on call barred so that every conversation is done in written form.

so that if required I have lots of proof. Moreover, I installed an app on my mobile so that every call gets recorded
automatically to collect the evidence. I may have to go for legal action.
I sent the watch back to their Bangalore. Vihaan Direct selling India Pvt Ltd. center and emailed them regarding the
refund and courier details it was perhaps the fth day.
in conversation, his senior tried every possible way to convince me and my friend was also trying to help him to
make me believe business is genuine and I haven’t been tricked.
I said ok then return the money.

He said “you can’t quit now” since there is no such way now, one way there but for that time limit is already
I furiously said no more conversation sit back and be ready for some real game some legal action.his senior was
nervous, my friend also looked tensed.
But both were very well trained to hide their emotions and being a very good observer was keeping a vigil on every
single thing they said their gestures and body language right from the very rst day.
I left the place. his senior left.i was in parking was about to call another friend who is quite good at legal stuff.

I knew very well if I make a police complaint and proved him wrong he gonna lose his job, his reputation and all his
circle will vanish. 
Update: I have received a refund that was not 100 % but approx. 95% due to tax not refunded. 
Process Steps For Qnet Refund And Cancels Qnet Account 
Use must know your IR number (ask your friend who introduced you or check your personal email if same was
used to registering) 
Know what email id was used for registering you in their portal (again require your friend involvement) 
Know the date of order or registration 
mail to their support immediately for cancellation request of IR along with pan card copy and email receipts
keeping Keep the subject line of your refund mail as “IR Cancellation and REFUND request from Qnet your IR
number “(mentioned in step 1)

(note: Please try to cancel IR id and refund asap max limit is only 30 days from date of purchase if payment
currency is not in dollars else max. the limit is 7 days) 
mail them a scanned copy of the canceled cheque so that money can be transferred to your account.
Don’t forget to mention.
I need a refund amount in my account & not in the account from which purchase was done.
Send the product back immediately to the QNET address from where you received the courier if conditions
mentioned in step 4 are satisfying.

Beware Of Qnet Refund Scammers
Please beware of any calls you receive claiming they are calling from the complaint board and will get you your
refund. Please don’t share your ATM card number and PIN or any other details.
Please pass this msg on all victim’s groups and share maximum. These cheaters are trying to withdraw money from
the Bank account on the name of the QNET Refund. 
Informational Links regarding Qnet 
Facebook group 
Qnet Scam Banned 

Qnet scam former world billiards champion Michael Ferreira arrested 
QNet: “It is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money,” says Bombay HC
Complain Board reviews (the most helpful website I found for Qnet info and its victim and connect to them)
Some Useful Information and Contact Numbers for your Qnet refund: 
QNET Global Support Centre And Operating Hours

Monday – Friday 
Hong Kong 
Units G-L, 21/F, MG Tower 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon East, Hong Kong 
Tel: +852 2263 9000 
Fax: +852 2827 1833 
Level 3A, QI Tower, Block C, PJ8 No. 23, Jalan Barat, Section 8 46050 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia 
Tel: +603 7949 8288 
Hong Kong 
Room 405, 4/F Mirror Tower, 61 Mody Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong 

Tel: +852 2263 9263 
Fax: +852 2865 1028 
Abu Dhabi 
P.O. Box 129397, Oce No. 504, Silver Wave Tower, Mina Road, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
Tel: +971 2 652 4888 
Fax: +971 2 652 4890 
Unit M01-M02 Nassima Tower Building Trade Centre First Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai United Arab Emirates 
Tel: +971 4 378 9555 
Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited 
Core B, Block 71, The Plaza, Parkwest, Dublin 12, Ireland 

Ruko Sunset Indah II, Blok A4 Jl. Sunset Road Kuta, Denpasar, Bali 80361 Indonesia 
Tel: +62 361 767630 
Fax: +62 361 758936 
Sona Topas Tower, 15th oor Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 26 Jakarta 12920, Indonesia 
Tel: +62 21 2506730 
Fax: +62 21 2506747, +62 21 2506748 
BRI Tower, 5th Floor, Suite 500 Jl. Jenderal Basuki Rachmat 122 Surabaya 60271, Indonesia 
Tel: +62 31 5480020 
Fax: +62 31 5480019

QNET Malaysia 
QNet (M) Sdn Bhd Level 2, QI Tower, Block C, PJ8 No. 23, Jalan Barat, Section 8 46050 Petaling Jaya Selangor,
Tel: +603 7967 9800 
Fax: +603 7967 9801 
QNET Philippines 
Unit 2804, Raes Corporate Center, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines 
Tel: +632 626 2200 

QNET Singapore 
7B Keppel Road, #06-07/08/09, PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex, Singapore 089055 
Tel: +65 6491 0898 
Fax: +65 6491 0899 
QNET East Africa 
6th Floor, Grand Pension Plaza Nyarugenge, C/0 Broll P.O Box 2993 Kigali, Rwanda 
Tel: +250 7 8838 6604 
QNET India 
Level 07,Mfar Greenheart, Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore 560045 
Tel: +91 990 006 0061, +91 990 006 0062, +91 990 006 0064, +91 990 006 0068 

QNET Turkey 
Pazarlama ve Turizm Ltd. Şti. Büyükdere Cad. Likör Fabrikası Sok. No: 78 / 80-11 Kat:2 Mecidiyeköy Şişli İstanbu 
Tel: +90 212 356 56 76 
Fax: +90 212 356 56 51 
Zenati Belazzoug Import Export 
21 Avenue Des 40 Martyrs Oran 31000, Algeria 
Email: qnetalgerie@gmx.com 
UM Consultancy MMC 
Adore plaza, 5th ow, Hajimurad str. 1, Narimanov District, AZ1075, Baku, Azerbaijan 
Tel: +99412 464 8245 
Burkina Faso 
Burkindi S.A.R.L 
Porte 01 Avenue John F. Kennedy Koulouba, 
01 BP 1713 Ouagadougou 01 Burkina Faso 
West Africa 
Tel: +226 50 30 08 54, +226 75 53 63 83 
Cote D’Ivoire 
Codody 2 Plateaux Vallons, Rue des Jardins, Villa No 2094 Abidjan 
Cote D’Ivoire 
Tel: +225 22 42 84 84, +225 02 64 20 07, +225 07 48 47 27 

LLC Georgian Olive Gardens 
4, Besiki str. Tbilisi, Georgia 
Tel: +995 32 215 80 08, +032 2 15 75 76 
LLP «International Bureau of Consulting» 
13, Al-Farabi Ave. BC “Nurly Tau” 
Building 1V, 6 oor, Oce 605, 050013 
Almaty, Kazakhstan 
Tel: +7 727 317 43 60, +7 727 341 00 40 
V.V.R. Consulting Service S.R.L 
MD-2001, Stefan cel Mare și Snt bd. 
73/1, (of.) 205, mun., Chisinau 

Republic of Moldova
Tel: +37379910900 
No. 9, 2nd Floor, Street 2 March, 
Casablanca, Morocco 
Tel: +212 656 934110 
Double Rainbow CHJ Co. Ltd 
La Pyayt Wun Plaza Room No. 206 (B), 2nd Floor, No. 37 Alan Pya Pagoda Road Dagon Township Yangon Myanmar 
Tel: +959263155766, +959976088636, +959791683052 

Double Rainbow CHJ Co. Ltd 
Room No 11, Second Floor, Diamond Plaza, 78 St, Between 33st and 34st, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay 
Tel: +959262833521, +959777364605 
Nomade Production 
Bp 10 009 Reclassement 3eme Latérite 
Niamey, Niger
Tel: +0022720723608 
bul.Tarasa Shevchenko 11, Оce 5, Kiev, 01004, Ukraine 
Tel: +38 044 2288890, +38 095 7921918 

«Sky Agency» 
Business Centre Pollars, Korp. A1, Derbenevskaya nab. 11, Oce B603, Moscow, 115114, Russia 
Tel: +7 495 645 8725

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