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Welding Thumb Rules By Fabrication Experts

Rule Of Thumb For Welding Consumables And Parameters

This article is an introductory lesson for General Thumb rule widely adopted in Welding at Fabrication Shop A basic

understanding of related terminology is assumed.

Fabrication General Welding Thumb Rules

Rule of Thumb for welding consumables and Parameters

Terminology used in Formulas

Thumb Rule for MIG Welding Voltage

Thumb Rule for MIG Welding Gas Flow

Thumb Rule for Welding Deposition Rate

Prefered MIG Welding StickOut Range

Welding Wire dia Widely Adopted in World

Welding Techniques

Terminology Used In Formulas

d Wire Diameter

I Current

t Sheet Thickness

lpm liters per Meter

A Ampere

V Volts

mpm Meter Per Minute

IPM Inch Per Minute

Thumb Rule For MIG Welding Current

Setting the Right Amperage everytime

Current = (40 x t) + 30 A

Thumb Rule For MIG Welding Voltage

Voltage = (.04 x I) + 16 ± 2 V

Thumb Rule For MIG Welding Gas Flow

Gas Flow Rate = d x 10 lpm

Thumb Rule For Welding Deposition Rate

Welding Deposition Rate = [(Wire Feeder speed(IPS) x Wire Weight x 60)/ 1000 ] KG/Hr

Prefered MIG Welding StickOut Range

0mm to 12mm

Welding Wire Dia Widely Adopted In World

0.8 mm

1.0 mm

1.2 mm

1.6 mm

Welding Techniques

Push right to left,10° – 20°, fast and low penetration 

Perpendicular robot , 90° to workpiece , not possible manually 

Pull Left to right ,10° – 20° ,High penetration

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