How to Create AWS EC2 Instance?


What is EC2?

EC2 is a cloud computing service offered by Amazon Web Services , which is Public cloud provider and is an abbreviation of Elastic Cloud Computing.

In simple words, its just virtual machine over the internet .

Steps for Creating / Spinning EC2 instance

1.Login to to AWS Account using management console 

by entering your email id ,Password and Authorisation code if you have activated Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

2. Search for EC2 service

3.  name your instance

4. Select EC2 type

5. Select Amazon Machine Image (AMI) or Operating System (OS) like(Windows/ Linux/ Mac)  

5. Create key if using this service for first time or select already existing key

6. Create security Group(SG) or use existing one - give permission of incoming and outgoing traffic.

 7. select no. of instance to be created by default it is 1.

8.  Hit create instance.

Wait for few minute. You are good to Go.

EC2 instance is created

List of AWS EC2 interview questions and Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) EC2

Q. Which EC2 instance type to select?

Q. How to create EC2 in different availability zone?

Q. What is default disk size of EC2?

Q. What is the difference between stoping and restarting EC2?

Q. will you be charged if EC2 instance is stopped?

Q. What is the difference between root storage and disk space? 

Q. Why to move to cloud when you can create vm in your own Personal PC / server?

Q. Name three other public cloud providers apart from AWS?

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