How to connect to EC2 using terminal?


There are numerous ways to connect to EC2 via your Mac book or windows machine . 

Few of them are mentioned below

1. Connect using AWS EC2 management console.

2. Connect to EC2 linux instance using SSH protocol

3. Connect to Elastic Cloud compute Machine using  RDP

Connect using AWS EC2 management console

1. Login to AWS account
2. Head to EC2 service
3. Select your instance to whom you want to connect
4. Click connect 
5. Click connect again at below side.

You should be connected in browser window itself.

Connect using SSH Protocol

Prerequisite - 

Key configured with Instance 


1. open was management console, head to ec2 service, Select which instance you want to connect 
2. Click connect button
3. Copy ssh command for that instance 

generally in format as mentioned below
ssh -I "keyname"

Note: default name of different linux version or ami may be different by default.

Don't worry ,you don't need to remember the command all is ready to use mentioned in window when you click connect for particular instance, just copy that

4. click command and space bar and search for terminal

5. navigate to folder containing downloaded key using cd and ls command 

6. change permission of private key by following command
chmod 400 "keyname.pem"

Note : key can be downloaded in two format that is .pem or .ppk, Mae sure you have created .pem format

7. paste the command you copied at step 3, hit enter

You should be connected to terminal.

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